Meet The Team

Islanders Vet’s Dedicated Team – Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to your pets and you

Dr Christiane Quernel


T: 0208 330 3335

Personal Note…

Chrissie wanted to become a vet since she was kid and she has worked towards achieving her childhood dream. She is a strong believer in Animal Welfare and she believes that all pets should be cared for equally independently of their owners’ wealth.

Chrissie is also a believer in Life and has rescued many pets, who have become her own or have been cared for until they found their matching home.

Chrissie loves surgery and is interested in all aspect of surgeries.

Chrissie is also passionate about ornamental fish and is very proud to offer a fish service in her first practice.

Chrissie’s team is composed of highly ethical and caring professionals, who you will have the pleasure to meet during your visit !


Islanders Vets agrees to train novices.

Some trainees studied Animal Management or other trainees have no experience in the vet field but are keen to learn.

Islanders Vets regularly receives solicitations from young people who want to work with animals. They often tell us that they applied to many places but they don’t even get an answer.

Islanders Vets believes that everyone should be given an opportunity and we are very proud to be this company that gives young people that first opportunity to get their first experience and get their foot into the vet field.

These trainees may never have worked at a vet before, have never done such job before or sometimes they may have other issues. They may not be confident on the phone or may not know the answer to all the questions you may have now. This is a learning process that we all have to go through. Rest assure that they are doing their best. Remember that these youngsters could be your siblings, your kids, your cousins … so please be kind and patient with them.

Above all, these trainees are a true reflection of the type of business we are : an investor in people.